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How To Contribute

Anyone whose family member or friend has been affected by Alzheimer’s will have a strong motivation to contribute. In addition, as more and more people switch their music collections from iPods to smartphones, there’s a growing supply of second-hand iPods. We want to keep these devices out of landfills and put them into the hands of elders who can really benefit from personalized playlists. 

Monetary Donations

Donations are processed securely through Paypal. 

Hardware Donations
Gently-used iPods

Another way you can help is to donate any gently-used Apple iPod Shuffle, or iPod Touch that may no longer be of use to you. Your donation will be gratefully received and you'll get letter acknowledging your donation that you can use at tax time, as we're a 501c3 corporation.

When we receive a donation of equipment, we erase all the information and reset it to original factory specs to make it ready to use for an Alzheimer's patient. Your gift will bring joy, calm agitated states, help them reconnect to past memories, and be more engaged with the world around them.

Mail To: 

Alzheimer's Music Project, Inc.

138 Harkness Rd.
Pelham, MA 01002

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