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Robert Lamm / Advisory Board Member

Robert Lamm / Advisory Board Member


As a founding member of the legendary ‘Rock with Horns’ band "Chicago", Robert Lamm has lived the changes that have occurred in the band and the world of music. The band, which began as an experiment in 1967, has alternately broken new musical ground, set trends, fallen into disfavor, only to rebound and ultimately find a permanent and influential place in the mainstream of Pop/ Rock. In 2014, the band’s debut album, Chicago Transit Authority was entered into the Grammy© Hall of Fame. It’s no coincidence that 7 of the 12 songs on the album were his first compositions. Visit Robert's website:

"As an Honorary Advisor to the Alzheimer's Music Project, I fully support their mission to improve and enrich the lives of people living with Alzheimer's, their families and caregivers."

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